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What does amma foundation do
A child is a sign of happiness and one such occasion to create happiness in the very child who is denied of the basic amenities of life could be reached through us. Amma Foundation is a formidable set up that ensures a bondage/link between the deprived children and the people who are ready to help through different modes that include money. clothing. food, shelter, medicine, education etc.

Regd No: 927/2005
(An Orphanage with a Motherlyness)

17-1-391/V25, Saraswathi Nagar
Saidabad Hyderabad -59

How we work
Every individual has got the responsibility to extend a helping hand in providing the basic needs to the under privileged. To achive the above, Amma Foundation works by creating awareness among the people with the help of their development support team by distributing pamphlets etc... and raising funds through their resource mobilization team by placing coin boxes i some of the places etc...

Achievements of Amma foundation
Amma Foundation started their service with 9 children in the year 2005 and at present they have extended their service to 25 children they got registered as a Non-Profitable Voluntary Society and obtained Govt. Recognition in 2005.

Amma Foundation had Started a school named "MOTHER'S LAP THE FREE SCHOOL" in the village Koheda about 18 km from the city near Hayathnagar mandal in Rangareddy district. The school started with 60 children in the year 2005 and the number has increased to 250 now.

The foundation provides food, school uniform, books, education etc. free of cost to the students.

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