Seemantham - (Baby Shower) - for 1,111 Poor Pregnant Women

111 Doctors & Medical Team Mega Camp

on 11-11-2017

at Sama Narsimha Reddy Gardens

S.N.Reddy Nagar, Champapet, Hyderabad - 500079, Telangana

Amma Foundation is organising a Grand Baby Shower (Seemantham) for a 1,111 Orphan, Disabled, Poor Pregnant Women irrespective of Caste, Religion.


Seemantham - Baby Shower - is one of the most memorable and nice memory for women. A woman carries a baby for 9 months prior to child birth.  Seemantham is a ceremony performed for pregnant women, in either the seventh or ninth month on an auspicious day.


During this ceremony the pregnant women is given many gifts including a saree, two blouse pieces, baskets of sweets and food items, She is applied with kumkum (vermillion) and gandham(sandal), paspu (turmeric) by her mother. Then she is given a saree and blouse and a string of mallepuvu (jasmine flowers), all placed in her saree kongu/wollu. Then she is also give two green glass bangles on each hand. Then she is blessed by all with akshanthalu for safe delivery. A elaborate lunch is served to all attending the ceremony.





Amma Foundation has been supporting the Needy, Poor, Orphans and Disabled Children with Residential Care

Full Education Support from K.G to P.G to Needy, Poor, Orphans and Disabled Children


3 Times Food Support - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Support to Children

Medical Support
Regular Medical Support for minor health ailements of Children
School Bags & Text Books
Amma Foundation is providing Bags & Books to many poor and needy Children


Orphan & Poor Children

Amma Foundation has been supporting the Needy, Poor, Orphans and Disabled Children with Residential Care, Food, Medical Support and Education, since 2007. Currently Amma Foundation is supporting 36 Children.


Support Orphan & Poor Children


  • Rs.8,800 – Education for 1 Child Per Annum
  • Rs.8,000 – Food for 1 Child Per Annum
  • Rs.2,000 – Medical Support for 1 Child Per Annum
  • Rs.10,000 – Shelter Building Rent
  • Rs.4,000 – Electricity Bill per Month




Amma Foundation has been supporting Marriage Support for Orphan, Poor, and Disabled Children. Amma Foundation Supports 100% Marriage Expenditure support for poor, needy, disabled couples.
Amma Foundation started giving Marriage Support from 2010 and till 2017 has supported 28 Marriages of Orphan, Poor, and Disabled Children.

The Marriage Support includes:


  • Wedding Jewellery - Rs.6,116.00
  • Wedding Dress -Girl - Rs. 1.116.00
  • Wedding Dress - Boy - Rs.1.116.00
  • Wedding Puja Material - Rs.1,116.00
  • Food for 300 Guest Rs.21,116.00
  • Wedding Stage & Chairs - Rs.5,116.00
  • Photography & Videography - Rs.5,000.00
  • Wedding Musicians - 2,116.00
  • Wedding Priest - Rs.1,116.00
  • Mike - Rs.1,116.00
  • Other Puja Material - Rs.1,116.00
  • Flowers & Garlands - Rs.516.00


Amma Foundation has tied up with various services providers and worked at an inexpensive package for Donors who can support the complete marriage at only Rs.50,000 per marriage.