Mr.N.Anil Kumar

Mr. Anil Kumar, hails from Karimnagar District (Now Jagityal District) . He could not complete his studies due to difficult circumstances in his family. He could study till seventh standard only. Then after learning screen printing, he started working as a screen printer. Some of his clients included Kamineni Hospitals in L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad.


Once when he was delivering a visiting cards order to one of his aclients - a lawyer- he saw a poor student who had come to his client for donation of a small amount of Rs.190, as he had lost one year of education, as he was not having the required fees. The client asked Mr.Anil Kumar if he can donate that amount. Mr.Anil Kumar donated the amount, and he got an idea that if he can raise this small amount for other students, in need he can help many students to complete their students. Thus after helping many students, Mr.Anil Kumar started a Trust called Amma Foundation on 03 January 2007.


Currently in 2017, Amma Foundation is actively supporting many orphan, poor and destitute Children, Women, Disabled and Community Members. Mr.Anil Kumar, with his innovative ideas and resourcefulness is continously planning innovative programmes to help different members of the society.





Mrs.Aruna who also hails from Karimnagar district married Mr.Anil Kumar in the year 26 November 1987. Though she could not get any education, during her childhood, Mrs. Aruna is actively involved with Amma Foundation and helping many children complete their education. She is Trustee of Amma Foundation and is actively involved in all the projects of Amma Foundation.