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Amma foundation is an Indian non government Organization(NGO) working towards restoring basic rights of survival to children at the budding stage to give them a better future.

Our mission is to provide food shalter to the destitute and deprived, education for wisdom to children, moral support to physically and mentally challenged and health care to the poor.

The main objective of Amma Foundation is to construct home for the destitute and deprived children. old age people, physically and mentally challenged. To provide the medical facility to the poor in rural and urban slum areas and to establish the schools and colleges to provide education for poor children. To fight against unemployment by giving support for self-employment.

Our Founders:
The man behind this noble cause is Shri Anil Kumar of lower middle class, working as a screen printer in Kamineni Hospitals. He realized the need to serve the society and with fullfledged support from Aruna Started the service to the needy with all they had in 2005.

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